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Wedding planning services


Being exclusively a wedding planner for international couples and destination weddings in Croatia, I have specialized in all the segments of wedding planning and organization to fit my clients needs. Please find below the list of services provided.  


  • fluent English correspondence
  • unlimited consultations with the client
  • civil wedding complete legal documents handling and filing
  • registry appointments, correspondence, dates reservations
  • obtaining and scheduling by the law required translator
  • personally attending the registry with the couple
  • making all the necessary payments with the registry office
  • suggesting the best location and venue according to your style, wishes and budget
  • suggesting accommodations for you and your guest; making reservations
  • suggesting and organizing restaurants menu, drinks, wedding cake
  • suggesting and organizing decorations and flowers, according to your personal style
  • suggesting and organizing party favors
  • suggesting and organizing vendors; photographer, music, hair stylist, make up artist, etc.
  • planning the wedding day; ceremony, reception, etc.
  • attending the day of the wedding; coordinating all the vendors, setting up decorations and flowers, keeping the time tables and schedule, looking after every detail
  • organizing the transport if necessary



Service fee for a complete wedding planning&organization is quoted per request and per each wedding inquiry.


Consultations package basic information 85 EUR  


  • Discussion of wedding preferences in order to propose up to two most suitable venues
  • Estimated overall budget table for the proposed venues 
  • Transparency of all costs for the services, venue and vendors


Please note that by signing up for the consultation package you are not obligated to contract my wedding services.


Civil wedding package from 350 EUR 


  • organization of the wedding date with the registry office
  • organization of the registry signing date with the registry office
  • organization of the official translator mandatory by the law for the registry signing and wedding day
  • legal documents handling with the registry office
  • legal documents handling with the translator for the documents translations if necessary
  • handling legal fees and translator payments
  • handling court verifications for the wedding certificate if needed depending on the native country of the couple


Important note:

  • in case of full legalization which mandatory for certain countries and is handled in Zagreb (for example needed for Canada, etc.) additional fee applies for the day trip to the capital city, 250 EUR
  • shipping fee for the wedding certificate / if the couple is no longer in Croatia  the document will be sent to their home address by Fedex, additional shipping charge applies accordingly 
  • legal fees NOT included  in the service price and are charged accordingly