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Useful tips

Here are some general tips about weddings in Croatia. For any further questions and customized offers please write at info(at)



  • The wedding ceremony in Croatia can be performed on any location, every day of the week, 8am-22pm!

  • Best months for your seaside wedding in Croatia are mid May to end of September, with July and August being the hottest months. We don't have humidity so its a dry heat, temperatures 28-35C during the day, and comfortable late afternoons and evenings make for perfect weddings.

  • High wedding season in Croatia lasts only about 4 months, the best is to confirm your date in advance, make reservations with venues and vendors.

  • Winter months are also available for seaside weddings in Croatia. Usually the temperatures are 5-10C, with occasional drop to 0C - -3C. When sun is shining it's always comfortable and beautiful, with plenty of greenery around.

  • Winter months offer better prices and possible discounts.

  • A last minute arrangements for elopements and small weddings always available.

  • Legal documents can not be older than 3 months(used to be 6 months).

  • Registry must be done within 30-45 days of the wedding date. I can arrange for the registry to take place up to just a few days prior to a wedding.

  • All the foreign citizens must use a translator for the registry and the ceremony.

  • Before you reserve the date, make sure all your guests have confirmed their availability (possible vacation time).

  • Your budget. Starting point. So when you are making an inquiry please list your intended budget. This way I will know exactly what I can work with and will offer you what is right for you.

  • When thinking about your flower decorations have in mind that seasonal flowers have a better price. For example, peonies are available in April but less likely in June(price for imported ones can go up to 10 euro per flower).

  • We love peonies but they are hard to get and most of the time pricey, at least here in Croatia. I suggest a kind of rose which is very similar to peony and very much beautiful; Cabbage Rose, Juliet Rose and Eden Rose.

  • Great ideas for small budget flower decoration! When done right also achieving a great presence and very often “Less is more”. Suggesting mini gerberas, gypsophila, ranunculus, Cabbage rose, Eden Rose, Juliet Rose, mini roses, regular roses, lilies, calla lilies, santinins(small button look alike, can be green, white)

  • Your wedding IS about you. YOU should have fun with it and if you do, your guests will do too!!