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Wedding ceremonies in Croatia


Civil ceremony 

Civil wedding ceremony is performed upon couple's request by the city official at the local registry office.

Civil marriage can be conducted in the city hall or outside the official chambers on the locations as per clients request;

gardens, beaches, hotels, parks, boats...etc. Legal fees apply accordingly, depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day,

as well as the distance of the location from the registry office. Legal translator is mandatory at the civil wedding. 

As your wedding planner I will help you with all the necessary steps and documentation ; will guide you step by step through the protocol. 


 Church ceremony

Croatia is permanently a Catholic country, therefore we have Catholic churches, as well as Orthodox churches.

Foreign nationality wedding couples who decide to have a church ceremony in Croatia have to obtain and submit

all the paperwork as above mentioned for the civil ceremony, as well as special documents acquired by the church

in Croatia, of which we will inform the client when requesting this type of wedding ceremony. 

As your wedding planner I will help you make all the necessary arrangements.


Symbolic ceremony  

This type of the ceremony is personalized and emotional in every way. It can be combined with the civil wedding as well.

Symbolic wedding ceremony can be conducted in the following languages; English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian,Croatian.

Text for the ceremony and protocol itself is created to fit the couples preferences.