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About your destination wedding in Croatia

There are many beautiful places in the world for a destination wedding and Croatia is one of them.


I have specialized in a destination wedding planning for the foreign couples from all over the world. In the section Wedding Services you will find a complete list of all the services I am able to provide for your wedding planning in Croatia.

I am guided by the philosophy that your wedding should be as unique as you are, therefore I am always looking for a new inspiration with each wedding. As there are no two people a like so there are no two weddings a like.

Whether modern or rustic, loud or quite, big or small, elegant or wild, there is a venue of choice. I offer a very different options for venues and locations for your civil or symbolic wedding ceremony and celebration:

  • seaside hotels 
  • the rocky/pebbled beach
  • cliff hotel with the panoramic view
  • a boat
  • sandy Island beach...
  • other ideas you may want to explore..

As for my associates and vendors I have chosen a top quality people. I believe in a customer service being one of the most important aspects of any business and especially in a wedding planning business.

There is a wedding ceremony and celebration for any budget. Prices of menu's range from 35euro to 150euro,  rental fees for the location from  free of charge to a 100euro and up to 8000euro.

The wedding season in Croatia runs mainly from June till mid September, but does not exclude winter months, as they offer a plenty of sunshine and lower prices.

Prices of my services depend on the complexity of the work you hire me for. Please don't hesitate to ask me about the quote. I am here to help you, whether with only the document filling, venue suggestion or with a whole wedding planning, organizing and attending. Of course, I do prefer to be in charge of your wedding from A-Z just because that way I have a full control of all the aspects of the wedding and therefore it makes it easier for me to insure the wedding you are planning on having. I'm always open to any questions and suggestions.


 How it all works


For a personalized offer and suggestions please send your inquiry to info(at)

Upon receiving your inquiry, in which you will kindly mention all the relevant information such as your prefered venue(if not sure about one I will recommend), number of guests at your wedding, type of the wedding(civil, symbolic, church wedding), your tenative budget(so I know what exactly to offer you and not be offering something below or above your budget) , possible dates and any ideas you might have for your wedding day, I will provide suggestions and prices. Once you make a decision on the specific offer the actual wedding planning can start.  I am your wedding angel(as on of my associates from Austria has named me and I thought if was cute and very true :)) 


Where ever you may live, we are able to handle entire planning process with email, phone or fax. Therefore, you could be in Australia, Germany, Italy or anywhere else, and planning your wedding in Croatia.